National Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day is today!  This day is on the calendar to educate the public and the healthcare community about, well, their healthcare decisions.  So many people avoid the conversation and the decision-making process because they are not sure what they want or what the future might hold.  I advise my clients to plan for the ‘now’.  You can always update it later.  Maybe your circumstances change and you need to assign a different healthcare agent.  Maybe you realize you don’t want a ventilator – especially now in light of the Covid-19 pandemic; or maybe you want one!  Chances are you don’t understand the CPR procedure and the risks, so you avoid making decisions.

Starting isn’t as scary as it sounds.  Have a conversation with your loved one(s) and let them know what your wishes mean to you.  Create an Advance Care Directive, documenting those wishes.  If you are frail or have a serious illness, speak with your physician about a POLST (Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment).  Not everyone needs a POLST form.  Advance Care planning visits are reimbursable by Medicare.

There are tools available for you.  I am here to assist in this process.  Now is not the time to leave anything to chance.

I recommend (and use) the following tools:  Honoring Choices, The Conversation Project, Five Wishes, and End in Mind Project.

You have some time on your hands; call me and we can start the conversation.

I wish you peace and health in these uncertain times.

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As an end of life doula, I walk alongside you during this sacred time, helping you create a peaceful space for your final journey.

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