How may I, as your doula, help you celebrate your life and honor death?

That is entirely up to you.

Life Review and Legacy

As we spend time together, you can create a special project for your loved ones. This legacy project could be a letter filled with your words of wisdom, a collection, or even your secret recipe. Your family and friends will cherish your words or work of art. It is your legacy, your creation – a precious keepsake to your family and friends.

Vigil Planning

How do you want those last hours to look, to feel, to sound, and to smell? Together, we will craft a plan that works best for you whether you are at home, in a hospice residence, assisted living, or in a hospital. Your family will find comfort in having a plan created by you with your own special touches.


There is the time when death is imminent and sitting vigil is a way to support you and your family at the bedside as you spend these last hours in your physical body. I will honor your Vigil Plan and assist your family and caregivers by answering questions, listening, and most importantly, walking with you in these last days and hours.

Grief Support

Grief comes in many forms; I will hold space as your family and friends celebrate your life, honor your death, process emotions, and preserve the memories they hold close to their soul. I will assist in celebrations, annual remembrances, and offering time and space for them to reprocess the memories of the love they embrace.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is essential to all of us, regardless of age or health status. Occasionally, people find themselves facing a terminal diagnosis without an Advance Care Plan or a Health Directive. I can guide you through this process and support your vision for end of life care. Maybe you don’t have a terminal diagnosis. Now is the time to create an Advance Care Plan so your family will not have to cross their fingers and hope they made the right decisions for you. The discussions aren’t as difficult as you might think. Don’t put it off any longer.

Ethical Wills/Legacy Letter Creation

We all have a story to tell, wisdom to impart, or a bit of family history to share. Through our visits, we will focus on the times of your life that are important to you – when you learned the valuable lessons and what you want your future generations to know. Your loved ones will cherish ‘hearing’ your voice through your words whether written or recorded. You have become the ancestor…now is the time to share your wisdom.

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