Couple on the boardwalk


How may I, as your doula, walk alongside you to celebrate life and honor death?

~Is your time limited because of a terminal illness?

~Are you tending to a loved one and don’t know what to do next?

~Did you hear the word ‘hospice’ and can’t wrap your head around it?

~Are you grieving the loss of a dear friend or family member and feel lost?

~Are you a caregiver to a family member or friend and need support and respite?

You came to the right place.

These moments matter and I will be with you as you find a way to embrace your final days and moments. I will walk alongside you and hold space so you can make the decisions that need to be made; to create a plan so you and your loved ones have peace when you take your last breath.

Deep down, your soul knows how to do this. I will be there as you find the strength and energy to listen to your inner voice.

“Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end.” Joanne Harris