National Healthcare Decision Day

Yes, it’s that time of year again when I remind you to get your act together with your end of life choices. You won’t die if you talk about death, much the same as you won’t get pregnant if you talk about a pregnancy. National Healthcare Decision Day is always on the day after theContinue reading “National Healthcare Decision Day”

The Caregivers Among Us

February 17 is National Caregivers Day and as I researched statistics and thoughts on those unsung heroes in our lives, a beautiful story of caregiving appeared as if on cue. This story is from David, Cheryl’s husband, as he holds her close in her Alzheimers journey. My words and statistics could never say what heContinue reading “The Caregivers Among Us”

The Vigil – A Tender Time

As an end-of-life doula and hospice volunteer, I am honored to ‘sit vigil’ with someone as they are actively dying. Healthcare providers may call this ‘transitioning’. This is the tender time as death draws near, and your loved one continues their journey away from their earthly body. What should you do? What can you expect?Continue reading “The Vigil – A Tender Time”

P.S. “She Died Happy”

An epitaph, much like a postscript to a letter, is a short thought or quote as a PS to the life you lived. You will find an epitaph on a headstone, grave marker, plaque, or obituary. A typical epitaph includes the name, years of birth and death, then a short quote. Oftentimes, it is aContinue reading “P.S. “She Died Happy””

At the Intersection…Women Physician Day and Black History Month

I like to think I know a bit about hospice, including the story of Dame Cicely Saunders, regarded as the founder of hospice in London after World War II. The idea was planted in her heart when she worked with a Polish refugee after the war, then as a volunteer nurse in a hospital. FocusingContinue reading “At the Intersection…Women Physician Day and Black History Month”

A Toast to Women Physicians

National Women Physician Day is celebrated on February 3 every year (since 2017) – to honor the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. Women who choose to become a physician today can give a nod to Elizabeth as she forged a path for them inContinue reading “A Toast to Women Physicians”

Pen and Paper – the Perfect Match!

Today, email and text messages make it quick and easy to communicate with our friends and family. Dash off a few lines and hit ‘send’. Whew! Took care of that! What about the low-tech, high-touch version of communicating with a letter you wrote by hand? Can you remember the last time you actually bought stampsContinue reading “Pen and Paper – the Perfect Match!”

‘Tis Almost the Season

Counting down the days until the holiday shopping frenzy begins? Checking your list twice, three times, then checking your budget four times? And now comes the ‘I don’t know what to give Grandma/Grandpa/auntie/neighbor because they don’t need more things’. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination revved up. The #1 request on manyContinue reading “‘Tis Almost the Season”