National Caregiver Day ~ Show the Love

Today we celebrate the caregivers ~ the paid caregivers and the volunteers who give their time and talents to make life just a bit more comfortable for our loved ones.  Although you don’t have to wait for an official ‘day’ to show appreciation, it helps to have a reminder.

With families spread out across the country, many seniors are relying on outside help with household chores, errands, and healthcare.  Maybe you are the caregiver for a loved one and with time as a precious commodity, you find a way to make sure your parent/friend/family member is comfortable and safe.

Thank you for the long hours you give; making sure your family member or clients are safe, clean, and happy.  Thank you to your own family when they miss you during an extra long shift.  Thank you to the agencies who carefully screen their staff to ensure quality care.

Do you have a caregiver?  You can show them the love in a note and tell them how they make your life easier.  If writing is difficult for you, a simple verbal ‘thank you’ will go a long way.

Have you hired a caregiver for a family member?  A short thank-you note will make their day.  If the caregiver is with an agency, call their manager to let them know how important they are in your loved ones’ life.  Many agencies discourage employees from accepting gifts; if you choose to give them a small token of appreciation, check with their manager to see if this is acceptable per company policy.

Are you the caregiver?  Treat yourself to a massage or a touch-up manicure if time allows.  If not,  a cup of tea and a little down time might be enough to recharge you.  You are managing a crazy balancing act between your family at home and your loved ones’ or clients.

You are doing important work every day in every interaction with your client, patient, or loved one.  I salute you and the kindness you bring each day when you show up and do the caring.

Thank you!



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As an end of life doula, I walk alongside you during this sacred time, helping you create a peaceful space for your final journey.

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